Contact Centre Assessments

Our wide-angle contact centre assessments look at the staff, processes, technologies, and procedures that make your contact centre operate. Through a series of on-site visits, combined with pre and post-visit assessments, we work with your team to uncover your centre’s strengths and weaknesses. 

From there, our team will provide practical recommendations and how they align with industry best practices, to help optimize and enhance the overall performance of your contact centre.

Upon completion of this assessment, your organization will receive a Organizational Customer Service Certification (OCSC©). This is a standard certification that demonstrates an organization’s ability to adapt to the fluidity and increasing expectations within customer service.

About the OCSC©

The OCSC© recognizes that service excellence is an outcome of organizational processes that are combined with current technology, measurement of performance, and of course, the people that bring it all together.

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Click here to download an overview of the OCSC© process.

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Phases of Our Approach

Understand the People

Examine your recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training processes.

Understand the Process

Examine all processes that ‘touch’ the contact centre.

Understand Technology

Explore the technology currently used, and identify enhancements.

Understand Procedures

Examine how the centres are managed, the processes, and how analytics can enhance performance.

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