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Delivering Responsive Customer Service Public Workshop


A great customer service experience is vital to the success of a company, and delivering that service is what shapes the customer experience. This training program is ideal for anyone who wishes to provide their valued customers with a premium level of service.

Today’s consumers are no longer just buying a product or service from a company, they are also buying the experience. With very little to differentiate one company’s products or services from the next, organizations today need to do all that they can to set themselves apart from their competition.

Statistics show that 88% of customers prefer doing business with a company that provides great class service over a company that does not. This full-day training program teaches participants the foundational pillars of what world-class service is and how to deliver it to your customers, consistently. Ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their client experiences and provide a superior level of service, this course provides participants with; a keen understanding of what customer’s value, how to deliver moments of WOW, the keys to identify client expectations and needs as well as how to deal with customer objections using a proven model for effective complaint resolution.

This vital workshop is engaging, interactive, informative and fun. Participants will emerge with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to easily apply superior customer service solutions that result in exceptional experiences.

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