Critical Conversations Public Workshop


Meaningful conversations aren’t always easy, but they are a critical part of leadership. Deliver constructive feedback with clarity and deal with high emotions in the workplace.

As a manager, sometimes you need to have conversations that you’d rather not. Dealing with performance issues or habitual patterns like chronic lateness can be tough and may stir up emotions, but these conversations are critical in the workplace and need to be handled in the right way. This practical course will give you the confidence to recognize, plan and manage these conversations, as well as the opportunity to practice using constructive feedback techniques to achieve more positive outcomes.

Through a mix of theory and practice, participants will learn how to:

  • Feel and display confidence when dealing with challenges
  • How to speak and be heard
  • Demonstrate and deliver respectful, caring and responsive customer service
  • Knowledgeably provide solutions and responses that lead to win-win outcomes
  • Effectively deal with different personality types

This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to understand and enhance their skills for communicating effectively during important – critical – conversations, whether with colleagues, clients/customers or persons with whom they have a personal relationship.

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