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2-Day Leading with Excellence Public Workshop


In today’s dynamic workforce, there are a lot of demands on leaders and management teams. Their responsibilities includes facilitating change management; reducing the negative effects of mergers, downsizing or rapid expansion. They also need to understand and motivate their staff and others in the organization. In other words, they need to lead their department and company with inspiring leadership skills and techniques.

This course will equip supervisors, team leaders, and managers with leadership skills that will strengthen their role as the critical link between strategic goals and tactical performance. Through this development program, supervisors will learn the skills necessary to lead their teams to success.

Too often, managers promote their best agents to be supervisors without equipping them with vital new leadership skills that will determine their success in their new job role.

This practical course is designed to reflect the “aim frame” of managing expectations and projects as a mindset as well as an activity. It assumes that “managing” is more than a hierarchical title; it is a state of thinking, responding, and acting. Participants will learn and apply management concepts, techniques, and tips to communicate, direct, coach, mentor, entrust, and lead others in routine situations and during challenging times of change. They will acquire tools for managing influentially and receive constructive feedback from their facilitator and peers.

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