1 day course

Effective Email Etiquette

For many, e-mail has become the primary means of communicating information— replacing the telephone and traditional letter writing. If you want to become a more effective and efficient e-mail writer – writing e-mail messages that answer questions, solve problems, get to the point, and generate action – then this e-mail-writing workshop is for you.

Emails represent an organization’s public image. If emails contain a clear, reader-oriented message with a positive tone, and demonstrate careful attention to polished content, grammar, formatting, and proofreading, recipients are likely to view the writer and their respective organization very positively. Conversely, readers are likely to view the author of careless and unprofessional email, and their organization, in a negative way.

Learn how to structure and write concise, effective e-mail messages that clearly make your point and satisfy your reader, or motivate your reader to act—provide feedback or take other appropriate actions. Learn how to ensure you cover or clarify all relevant points when you reply to an e-mail message so your readers are satisfied that you have understood their concerns and have taken appropriate action.

This workshop includes an important primer on e-mail etiquette and e-mail do’s and don’ts— such as when to CC and when to BCC a list, how to effectively use auto-reply, and why to include your contact information in your signature file. When you use the e-mail writing techniques presented in this 1-day intensive workshop, everyone in your organization will benefit.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Create a reader action message
  • Use a positive tone
  • Use an easy-to-read visual format
  • Properly use varied sentence structure
  • Be clear and concise in your wording
  • Come across with the proper tone, be it conversational or bureaucratic language
  • Edit and proofread your work to eliminate errors

Module 1) How Customers Read and Interpret E-mails

Module 2) General Business Writing Principles

Module 3) Planning and Drafting Email

Module 4) Finalizing and Editing E-Mail

Module 5) Keeping up with Customer E-mails

Module 6) Putting it all together

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