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Customer Success & Strategy

Every touchpoint throughout the customer journey – whether B2C or B2B – matters. Effectively managing this journey is critical to success for both the customer and the service provider.

Once onboard and using the service, customers need to feel that they have your organization’s support at every level. Yet, too often organizations complete implementation in a strong proactive manner, and then move to a reactive strategy. Organizations must develop and utilize a customer success experience that defines tasks, milestones, and alignment throughout the whole lifecycle. After all, successful outcomes are the main drivers of customer renewal and expansion.

The CSPN Customer Success & Strategy Program is designed for managers and team leads looking to deliver customer success by developing the mindset, metrics and strategies they can use today. The program supports individuals and organizations in creating business focused activities to manage the customer life cycle and drive adoption, renewals, upselling and advocacy.

All businesses – traditional, subscription-based or otherwise – need to maximize customer lifetime value to be profitable and succeed. With new customer acquisition costs exceeding the cost to retain existing customers, our Customer Success & Strategy Program provides the insight and perspectives to reduce churn while expanding accounts and increasing customer engagement.

Long-term success starts with the ability and knowledge of the individuals responsible for delivering it. Customer Success is and always will be about the people and their knowledge, skills and abilities. However important those first days are, the journey to customer success is constant and never ends.


This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • The key components of customer success
  • A proven success planning methodology
  • The core principles of effective onboarding
  • Strategies for re-engaging disengaged customers
  • How to drive increased customer lifetime value
  • A consultative approach to customer success
  • The key disciplines of execution
  • Top strategies for handling escalations
  • The key customer success metrics for CSMs

Module 1) Defining Success for Your Customer

Module 2) The Customer Success Model

Module 3) Managing the Customer Journey

Module 4) Measuring for Success

Module 5) Expansion & Renewals

Module 6) Creating Alignment

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