1 day course

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

In order to successfully cultivate a culture of customer-centricity within an organization, it is vital that the message delivered to employees is consistent, clear and actively demonstrates the desired objective. Through performance and action, leaders and coworkers can foster and encourage employees to adopt and deliver customer-centric behaviours on the job.

This customized, interactive workshop will help individual contributors answer the questions; What is a customer-centric mindset? How can I support my co-workers to understand and know more about their internal customers? How do I become more customer-centric in all my actions with co-workers? What skills/strategies do I need to make every interaction with a customer a memorable one? How effective am I at building rapport with customers?

By understanding these questions and more, participants will be better able to work in collaboration with their co-workers and inspire colleagues toward a customer focused mindset.

This workshop is informative, fun, and provides easily applicable solutions for service excellence that are proven to work in today’s toughest customer service arena – the real world.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Foster a customer-centric mindset amongst colleagues, team members and direct reports
  • Influence employees to understand and identify who their internal customers are and the specific challenges they face
  • Identify ways to improve the experience for “internal” customers
  • Effectively support employees and colleagues as they adopt the customer-centric mindset

Module 1) What Does it Mean to be Customer Centric?

Module 2) Profiling and Interacting with Customers

Module 3) Delivering a Legendary Customer Experience

Module 4) Active Listening & Strategic Questioning

Module 5) Effective Communication

Module 6) Dealing with Unhappy Customers

Module 7) Accountability & Collaboration

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