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Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict hurts organizations in many ways, some very obvious and some hidden – and perhaps even more damaging.  With tight deadlines, limited resources, high expectations and differing personalities, it’s easy for the members of a group or team to get caught up in conflict.  But, for most groups, conflict is both preventable and resolvable.

Yet many work-related groups operate with unresolved conflicts simmering beneath the surface.  Even if such conflicts never come to the surface, they can still drain a group’s brilliance, creativity, productivity, and morale.  A lack of harmony has many costs, whether we recognize them or not.

This program is designed to assist professionals with understanding conflict, recognizing what causes conflict and how to prevent or resolve it when it happens.  The goal of this program is to enhance your opportunities to effectively negotiate solutions to the conflicts you confront in your work.

This program is designed to teach participants how to:

  • Know conflict styles and how to respond to conflict
  • Use practical communication and listening skills to work through conflict
  • Learn a conflict management process that one can adapt to various environments
  • Master using key skills to enhance ability to move past conflict

Module 1) Conflict Defined

Module 2) Conflict Needs

Module 3) Conflict Resolution Model

Module 4) Conflict Resolution Critical Skills

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