Our Trainers & Consultants

Don Scott

Don has a broad base of experience in human resources, strategic and operational leadership, quality management and customer service management. Don has over 25 years of experience in leadership roles responsible for human resource and customer relationship management.

Neli Gontier

Neli is an articulate and dynamic facilitator with many years of experience as an educator, clinician, practice management consultant, and corporate manager. She has led diverse teams in various work settings and was instrumental in improving the knowledge and skills of fellow team members.

Crystal D'Cunha

Crystal is passionate about the people industry! Her commitment to developing the careers of leaders, sales and service professionals around her has come from her deep belief that, "People love to buy, but hate to be sold to."

Julie Siebelts

Julie is CEO and Founder of Maximum People Performance Inc., a Human Resources Consulting organization that partners with its clients to build and sustain productive and healthy workplaces. Julie focuses on helping people maximize their performance both individually and with teams.

Gail Levitt

Dr. Gail Levitt is an experienced instructor in the field of leadership and coaching. In addition to having delivered numerous leadership programs in many organizations, Gail has also taught leadership programs to colleges and universities.

Jamie Leal

Jamie is a Positive Psychologist and Certified Coach as well as a Master NLP Practitioner, certified from the NLP Coaching Institute de California, USA. He is also a Communication and Leadership Instructor at the Business School ITESM (Mexico).

Lori Goodfield

Lori is an accomplished trainer who has a passion for learning and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge to help others grow personally and professionally.

Irene Anderson

Irene is a Certified Co-Creative Coach and Senior Consultant for CSPN. Irene’s passion is helping people maximize their performance both individually and in teams.

Pramila Javaheri

Pramila is a Certified Facilitator with CSPN, and has been an engaging speaker, Chartered Mediator and Trainer in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Leadership Development & Communication for 17 years. She is also the President Elect of the ADR Institute of Ontario.

Sandra Sutton

Sandra (“Sandy”) is doing what she truly loves to do…and that, she will tell you, is the secret to her success. She is a dynamic training professional who has worked with leaders in the hospitality, food and beverage, entertainment, retail and event décor industries for over two decades.

Rosana Filipe

Rosana Filipe has 15 years of working experience in hospitality, retail, software, and marketing and advertising industries. 10 of those years have been specialized in Human Resources, both in start-ups and in multi-national organizations.

Cynthia Hill

Cynthia Hill is a passionate, dynamic leader who has helped shape Customer Experience for the last 30 years. She has worked within the automotive, travel and telecom industries where she was instrumental in driving customer loyalty while balancing the realities of the organization’s business needs.

Adrienne Harris

Adrienne is a business executive and change practitioner with 23 years of progressive expertise in Client Services, Sales and Operations, with a proven track record of exceeding business objectives and developing leadership talent.

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